Choosing the Right Course to Study in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia offers many academic options. Choosing one among them is a tough decision to make. There are plenty of things to consider while making this decision, such as the course of study, support services, costs of study and living, and so on. To make your decision easy, we have put together a few steps of “Choosing the Right Course to Study in Saudi Arabia”: 

Step 1: Know your interest area

Know what you want to want to study and why. Question yourself about what you like to do, and what are your career goals? Do you like science or maths, or you are more into religion education. Figure out your interest area.

Step 2: Research

After you know what you want to pursue, think about the other necessary aspects of study abroad, which are:
  • Affordability
  • Costs of studying and living in Saudi Arabia
  • Language requirements
  • Accommodation
  • Financial support
Do some research on the aforementioned things.  Also, start researching about the higher education institutions offering that course. Make a list of institution offering the course you want to take up. Visit their websites to know about the course and the services available for international students, like the financial help, accommodation, etc.  Also, visit the campus, talk to people out there and know what it’s really like.

After thorough research, choose the institution that fits your needs.  

Step 3: Apply

Apply directly to the institution of your choice. Higher education institutions and courses have varying application dates and deadlines, and admission requirements, so contact the institution to get the details.

Step 4: Apply for Student Visa

International students after being accepted by the institution must apply for the Saudi student visa. The student visa holders are also give access to scholarships. 

Step 5: Apply for Scholarships

In Saudi Arabia, there are academic scholarships for international students. 

Government Scholarships

The Government of Saudi Arabia offers university scholarships for non-Saudis to study at the higher education institutions of Saudi Arabia. 

General Eligibility:

Following students are eligible to receive the government funded scholarships::
  • Non-Saudi pupils who possess a valid residency permit
  • Non-Saudi pupils outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Types of Government-funded scholarships
  • Full scholarships: In this, the international student receives all the benefits
  • Partial scholarships: In this, the international student receives some of the benefits, which are a dormitory placement and a seat in the academic institution, or a seat only.
  • Paid scholarships: These scholarships are paid not by the educational institution, but by a donor.
Applying Ways and Means: Students can apply for the scholarship by following methods: 
  • Method 1: Apply directly to the higher education institution of your choice through its website. 
  • Method 2: Apply to the Saudi culture mission in your place of residence
  • Method 3:  Apply to Saudi Arabia embassy in your country.

King Abdallah Scholarship

The Ministry of Higher Education of Saudi Arabia provides the King Abdallah Scholarship to Saudi citizens in order to go for undergraduate and graduate studies abroad. 

Countries to study in: Scholarship holders have the option of studying in the following countries: Germany, Austria, UK, the Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Italy, Hungary and Spain. 

Scholarship eligibility: Open for Saudi Arabian citizens only

Scholarship benefit: Monthly stipend for a period of 5 years

Fields of study: Scholarship is offered to the students of following study areas:
  • Undergraduate: Healthcare science and medicine
  • Graduate: All disciplines
For more see Education Funding
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